Jodhpur Folk Symphony - a Kasam Khan Langa group is very old ethinic folk dance and music group which was started by Mr Dhanne Khan - father of Kasam Khan. This father-son group has a very good team of folk dancers, musicians and singers. Group is experience in playing folk instruments like sarangi, algoza, tabla, dholak, harmonium,Khartaal etc.

The Sarangi used by the Langas, is made up of four main wires, with more than twenty vibrating sympathetic strings which help to create its distinctive haunting tones. The bowing of these instruments is a skilful exercise, often supported by the sound of the 'ghungroos' or ankle bells that are tied to the bow to make the beat more prominent.Khartaal produces melodious musical sounds with the special movements of the hands.

Our group is ready to perform at your shows and events. Call us for weddings, cultural festivals, international and domestic fairs for langa party, kalbelia dance, folk artists, poets etc.

Our Leaders

Backbone of Jodhpur Folk Symphony:

(in picture first is Dhanne Khan ji, then Mehruddin ji and then Pappu Khan ji):

Dhanney Khan- Father of Kasam Khan , a versatile name in the Rajasthani folk music, having more than 25 years of experience in this folk and traditional music industry. He performed in many shows, events etc at domestic and international levels. Mr. Dhanney Khan , along with Mr. Mehruddin and Mr. Pappu Khan are the roots of Jodhpur folk symphony .

Why We are Different

Events and Shows

Our group has performed in various shows and events at International and Domestic levels. We are briefing here few shows and events from our journey.

International Shows

  • Gypsy Festival, Dresdent, Germany
  • With Anushka Shanker group at Queen Elizabeth hall, London
  • With Anushka Shankar group at Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Rana Festival, New York
  • Shri Balaji Festival with Niti Mohan Group, Los Angeles
  • "Paramasala"- Australian festival of South Asian Arts, Sydney
  • Arabi festival, Sydney
  • 4th International folk festival-2008, Nepal
  • National Arts festival, Grahamstown-Africa
  • Shanghai world expo and exhibition under Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, Shanghai-China
  • Asia NewZealand Diwali festival, Auckland & Wellington, NewZealand
  • Hall Thadula Wheel, Paris
  • Rajasthani Cultural Festival, Dhaka-Bangladesh
  • We had our footprints also in the events at Srilanka, Russia, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Prague and other locations.

Domestic shows

  • Riff Festival, Jodhpur
  • Flamenco Festival, Jodhpur
  • Sufi Festival, Jodhpur
  • Virasat Festival, Jaipur
  • Event Festival, Udaipur
  • Shrifort Hall, Delhi
  • Arabi Festival, Delhi
  • Blue Folk Festival, Mumbai
  • JD Mariatt Event Festival, Mumbai
  • Sufi Festival at Editorium Hall, Kolkatta
  • Jan-Gan-Mann National festival, Delhi under former Delhi Chief Minister Mrs. Sheela Dixit
  • Besides above , we had performed in many other cities of India.

Meet Our Team

Iklas Khan

Babu Nath

Hasam Khan

Kasam Khan

Bundu Khan

Pathan Khan

Shakoor Khan

Zakir Khan

Shyam nath

Hussain Khan